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Our luxury, professional-strength skincare collection. These high-performance formulas were initially created by Rachel Roff, our founder and medical aesthetician, to use on patients at her medspa during professional treatments. This specific collection from Urban Skin Rx delivers blends of our highest levels of active ingredients formulated to address the most common concerns of diverse skin tones. Pro Strength by Urban Skin Rx is sold exclusively through our website ( and other professional medspas around the world.

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Celebrate Diversity Month & Honor Everyone's Glow

Meet Our Team


Rachel Roff

Founder & CEO

Rachel Roff grew up in Northern California, where at an early age she experienced intense bullying due to a large nevus mole on her face and struggles with acne. While getting a college degree was important, her personal experiences fueled her passion to become a medical aesthetician and open her own medical spa. She attended University of San Francisco and later moved to Charlotte, NC where she attended University of North Carolina at Charlotte and completed her BA in Sociology. One week after finishing college, she attended the National Aesthetics Institute and received her license. After that she entered the industry and began working at a medical spa as a laser technician. Read More


Dr. David Henderson

Founding Medical Director

Dr. David Henderson is the Founding Medical Director at Urban Skin Rx®. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1988 from the University of California. He earned his Doctor of Medicine degree from Wake Forest University School of Medicine in 1994. He completed a residency in Internal Medicine at Richland Memorial Hospital and the Dorn V.A. Hospital in Columbia, SC. During his final year, he served as Chief Resident. He has served as Medical Director for a national Laser Hair removal center here in Charlotte. He is currently a hospitalist at Presbyterian Hospital-Charlotte.

Executive Leadership Team

Brad Jones
Chief Operating Officer
Rosemarie Lewis
Head of Finance
Gail Wilkinson
Head of HR, Diversity & Inclusion
Amanda Knappman
Head of Marketing
Jasmin Foster
Head of Sales & Business Development
Evan Sheets
Head of eCommerce
Leslie Blick
Head of Supply Chain & Customer Experience
Karen Whitaker
Head of Creative

By The Numbers

Total Company
61% Black
92% Female
64% Black
100% Female
Executive Leadership
44% Black
78% Female
Board of Directors
40% Black
80% Female

*Team demographic source data includes results of an anonymous company survey in which team members were asked to provide ethnic and gender identity, including options for multi-racial identities.

Board of Directors

Founder & CEO

Melissa Butler

The Lip Bar, LLC

Melissa Butler is a Detroit native who launched start-up beauty brand, The Lip Bar, into a nationwide phenomenon. Melissa has been featured by Entrepreneur, Forbes, Essence, LinkedIn and more for her work in diversifying the beauty industry and pioneering vegan products. Her passion for disrupting beauty norms was evident in her Ted Talk on the intersection of beauty and culture. She firmly believes “Everyone deserves to have representation. Without it, we are left seeking validation.” Melissa obtained her B.A. in Business Finance from Florida A&M University before going on to work on Wall Street as a licensed stockbroker and then helping to change the beauty industry as we know it.

Chief Brand & Communications Officer, Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Deisha Barnett

Metro Atlanta Chamber

Deisha Barnett is the Chief Brand & Communications Officer and Head of Diversity & Inclusion at the Metro Atlanta Chamber. In prior roles, Barnett led communications strategy for Walmart and Procter & Gamble brands. She started her career managing multicultural-targeted marketing campaigns for Procter & Gamble brands, including Tampax and COVERGIRL. Ms. Barnett is known for her inspiring leadership approach and media relations prowess. PR Week described her as a “pro who represents the future of PR.” Ms. Barnett is on the executive advisory council for the University of Georgia Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. She is also on the board of the Atlanta Press Club. Ms. Barnett is a proud alumna of Clark Atlanta University. She holds a B.A. in Mass Communications with a concentration in public relations.


Cheryl Moss

Friend Skoler & Co.

Cheryl Moss has over 15 years of investor experience and has been a member of the Friend Skoler & Co. team since 2006. Ms. Moss currently serves on the Board of Directors of Hex Performance. She also serves on the Board of the Association for Corporate Growth's New Jersey Chapter. Prior to joining Friend Skoler & Co., Ms. Moss was a Senior Analyst at Prudential Private Capital, where she originated and managed a portfolio of private placement fixed income investments. Ms. Moss earned a B.S. in Business Administration from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business with concentrations in Finance and Accounting.

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Steven Skoler

Friend Skoler & Co.

Steven Skoler has over 30 years of experience working as an investor/operating manager with growing middle market companies. Current and former Board memberships include Accessories Marketing, Inc., Ballet Jewels LLC, Box Services, LLC, CNC Global Limited, Event Photography Group, Inc., Hopkins Manufacturing Corp., Kenlin Pet Supply, Inc., Madan Plastics, Inc., Salon Lofts Group LLC, and Woodstream Corporation. Mr. Skoler has also served as the President of Madan Plastics and a Vice President of Kenlin Pet Supply. Mr. Skoler holds a B.A. from Harvard University and an M.B.A. from The Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Founder & CEO

Rachel Roff

Urban Skin Rx®

Rachel Roff is a game-changer in the beauty space and prides herself on bringing inclusivity to the clinical skincare industry with the founding of both Urban Medspa and Weight Loss Center and Urban Skin Rx® in Charlotte, NC. In addition to being featured in numerous publications, Ms. Roff has been recognized as a leading beauty innovator by Forbes and WWD. Urban Skin Rx® is sold nationwide at Target, Ulta, CVS,,, and Ms. Roff holds a B.A. from UNC Charlotte and is a licensed medical aesthetician. She earned her postgraduate certification in skin color and pigmentation from The International Dermal Institute.

Step Into Urban Skin Rx®

The real women behind Urban Skin Rx® bare it all in this mini series as they share their stories of struggle and triumph. From colorism to abusive relationships, learn how each person has overcome, and is still overcoming, their greatest obstacles.

What is it?

Nine women bare it all in the new 9 part mini series. Watch as these real women, who each play an integral role at Urban Skin Rx®, share their stories of struggle and triumph. From colorism to abusive relationships, learn how each person has overcome, and is still overcoming, their greatest obstacles.

1. Tawanna Edwards

After losing their home in a fire, Tawanna and her mother had to go live with her Grandma.  Amongst her cousins she was the only child with darker skin and her Grandma made sure she knew it at every moment.  Tawanna experienced rejection and bullying constantly from her own family.  She was already experiencing bullying for her skin at school, and what should've been her sanctuary was another place of pain. She channeled her pain by constantly getting into fights at school.  Through the love of her paternal grandmother, she learned how to overcome the colorism she was experiencing, and truly love her own skin.

2. Jessamine Mackenzie

Jessamine’s struggle with depression has been more than an occasional sadness. It has significantly impacted her life, how she shows up in relationships and even how she shows up for herself. Listen as she shares how she finds her strength to keep pushing forward.

3. Nefertiti Williams

After 5 years of an abusive relationship, fearing for her life, Nefertiti knew she finally had to get out. Tune in to hear her story of courage as she found her strength and decided to stop taking her life for granted.

4. Elisabeth Shaver

At 37, Lissie never thought she would still be single and navigating the dating scene. But after years of incompatible relationships, she had to examine her expectations, and shift her perspective on a lot of societal norms. In her search for love, she found her strength and came to recognize the importance of developing her own sense of self, finding her passion and purpose in a career she loves, and feeling whole on her own.

5. Rachel Roff

Go behind the scenes with Rachel Roff and see how she overcame her past dysfunctional relationships, what motivated her to start Urban Skin Rx® and how she handles her most important job of all, being a single mom. 

6. Julie Sati

Julie and Rico's relationship has been one trial after the next. Lost jobs, cheating, and jail time should've made them crumble.  Listen as they share how they beat the odds, bounced back from adversity, and came to a place of strength and love that they never could've imagined.  

7. Sharetta

Most people don't consider ADD a handicap, but for Sharetta, it has been debilitating.  It's affected her relationships, daily life, and her work.  Her desperate desire to not be dependent on medication motivates her to overcome it.

8. Lindsey Fore

Lindsey thought that the crippling anxiety she had every time she looked in the mirror was normal for most girls until she had a panic attack over a blemish on her wrist.  Learn how she started her journey to overcome the disease of body dysmorphia, and how she continues to battle it every day.  

9. Mercedes Bolden

Dancing professionally was all Mercedes wanted since she was four years old.  She chased her dream all the way to L.A. where the glitter and Hollywood lifestyle made her lose focus.  After an injury that ended her professional career, Mercedes had to refocus her life and redirect her dreams.