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USRX Product Information

If I have dark marks and acne, do I use the Clear Skin Cleansing Bar or the Even Tone Cleansing Bar? If you have dark marks, suffer from acne and have oily skin, use the Clear Skin Cleansing Bar. If you don’t suffer from oily skin or acne but have discolorations or want a brighter, more even toned complexion, use the Even Tone Cleansing Bar. It is important to remember that all 3 of our cleansing bars help with acne and discoloration so the bar needs to be chosen based on skin type. For example, someone with dry skin/aging concerns and acne/discoloration would pick the Combination Skin Cleansing Bar.

Is the Combination Skin Cleansing Bar really the best thing for my dry skin? Or is it just for combo skin types and aging concerns? Our ultra-moisturizing Combination Skin Cleansing Bar helps to relieve all types of dry/combo, rough skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis and hyper keratinized skin. It also helps with anti-aging concerns as well! It’s soothing, hydrating ingredients such as Lavender and Fennel oil promote cell regeneration and stimulates estrogen receptors which help to maintain firm skin tone. It’s even gentle enough for daily use.

What is the best cleanser for my acned skin? Using our Clear Skin Cleansing Bar every a.m. and p.m. is what we recommend as the ultimate cleanser for acne or breakout prone skin. This product along with our acne treatment products will leave your skin calm and clear.

I have acne but my skin is dry. What cleanser should I use? The Combination Skin Cleansing Bar has mildly antiseptic, soothing hydrating ingredients that make it gentle enough for daily use by anyone with dry skin. It is excellent for dry skin and acne prone skin/clogged pores. This cleansing bar works well with our Clear Complexion Acne Serum to further prevent breakouts and fight inflammation or cystic acne. Make sure to also use an SPF for sun protection and a nighttime moisturizer like the Hydrabalance.

What products are best for controlling oil or acne and breakouts? Cleanse with the Clear Skin Cleansing Bar morning and evening. After cleansing in the morning, follow with the Clear and Even Tone Clarifying Glycolic Pads and then the Derm Shield All Day Sun Protection Mattifying Moisturizer SPF 30. At night, cleanse again with the Clear Skin Cleansing Bar and then apply the Clear Complexion Acne Serum + Spot Treatment. These products control oil and have astringent antibacterial fighting properties to help erase pimples.

What does retinol do for my skin? Retinol is important for correcting any skin condition other than eczema and hypersensitive skin. It controls acne, reduces sun damage, helps to minimize fine lines, and fades dark marks. Retinol also promotes skin cell regeneration and increases collagen production.

I have pitted acne scars, do any of your products help with that? Yes, our products can help pitted acne scarring to a certain degree. However, this type of scarring can be one of the most difficult to treat and in most cases, topical treatment is not enough. When our products are paired with skin care treatments such as micro needling, that is when best results can be achieved. The best products for pitted acne scarring that we carry would be the Even Tone Night Treatment and our Hydrafirm Serum to boost collagen levels.

Do you offer a Hydroquinone-free skin brightening serum? Yes. Our Super C Brightening Serum offers a potent and soothing combination of hydroquinone-free skin brighteners, exfoliants and natural antioxidants such as ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), arbutin and kojic acid. This serum should be used morning and evening for best results. We also offer the Dark Spot Rapid Repair Retinol Treatment which contains potent levels of Kojic Acid, Niacinamide and Vitamin A.

What corrective product should I use to treat my uneven skin tone? We offer several tone correcting products from our Even Tone Cleansing Bar to our Even Tone Night Treatment to our Dark Spot Rapid Repair Retinol Treatment. It’s important to use a whole system of products to help correct uneven skin tone. Check out our products for uneven skin tone. The result is clearer, brighter, even-toned, firmer skin. Begin with the Even Tone Cleansing Bar, followed by the Super C Brightening Serum and an SPF. At night use the Even Tone Cleansing Bar and the Even Tone Night Treatment.

How do I get rid of the dark circles under my eyes? Our Vitaleyez-C Serum dual-action dark circle treatment is perfect for getting rid of dark under eye circles! Vitaleyez-C contains a combination of brighteners, peptides and flavonoids that target periorbital dark circles. A powerful combination of pigment-lightening ingredients such as ester, arbutin, Vitamin C and E, and green tea work in synergy to brighten under-eye skin.

Is there a daytime serum I can use to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles? Yes! The HydraFirm serum is a unique hyaluronic acid-based gel designed to increase collagen and elastin production, improve firmness and hydration, and reduce blotchiness and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Palmitoyl oligopeptide and Palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7, are short-chain amino acids that mimic fragments of human collagen, and are known to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The HydraFirm is ideal for use under make-up, sunscreen or moisturizer, or as a lightweight moisturizer for combination or acne-prone skin. It can be used 2x daily and on the eyelids. The Super C Brightening Serum also helps to produce collagen and firm the skin.

My skin is oily in some areas and dry in others. What’s the best daytime moisturizer for me? For your combination skin type our Dermshield All Day Sun Protection Mattifying Moisturizer SPF 30 is a broad-spectrum sunscreen containing natural micronized titanium dioxide and zinc oxides. It is an excellent daily SPF moisturizer for someone with a combination skin type because of its slight mattifying properties and non-pore clogging formula. For people who tend to have dry skin more, we recommend also using the Hydrabalance moisturizer with the Dermshield or the Complexion Protection Moisturizer SPF 30.

Do I need to use an SPF in the winter or if it’s cloudy out? Yes, a sunblock must be applied every morning as the final step in any skin care regimen. Many people think they don’t need sunscreen on overcast days or for brief stints in the sun, but for the ultraviolet rays that damage your skin, a little cloud cover means nothing. UV light penetrates clouds with ease, so you need protection even on cloudy days.

I know I need a nighttime moisturizer, but I don’t want to apply a rich cream on my combination skin type. What do you recommend? The HydraFirm Serum is a great nighttime moisturizer for oily and acne prone skin. Highly effective and oil-free, the HydraFirm Serum helps repair environmental damage, increase collagen and elastin production, improve firmness and hydration, reduces blotchiness and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Helps to heal inflamed red cystic acne and is an excellent hydrator for oily skin types that don't like a cream moisturizer.

What moisturizer is recommended for eczema? The Aloe Cort Calming Cream relieves tightness, reduces flaking, peeling and redness due to eczema. This soothing aloe-based product with Hydrocortisone is designed to relieve the pain and itching of dry, irritated skin. Calms inflammation, hydrates, and prevents moisture loss. It is excellent for eczema prone as well as sunburned skin. Do not use for more than 10 days in a row.

Do you offer an anti-aging body lotion or cream? Yes, our Skin Renewal Body Treatment is a high potency 15% glycolic acid anti-aging cream which exfoliates skin, revealing brighter, smoother more youthful looking skin. It also treats Keratosis Pilaris.

Do you offer body care products for uneven skin tone, scarring, or sun damaged skin? Yes, our Skin Renewal Body Treatment is a high potency 15% glycolic acid anti-aging treatment which exfoliates skin, revealing brighter, smoother more youthful looking skin. We also suggest using our Even Tone Cleansing Bar and Even Tone Night Treatment on the body.

What ingredients are in the Even Tone Support Supplements and what do they do? These supplements contain Glutathione 250mg, Vitamin C 500mg, and other key ingredients such as a super blend of natural super antioxidants and amino acids. These ingredients help inhibit melanin synthesis and restore skin damage caused by UVA/UVB radiation, not only for a beautiful, healthy, and youthful skin, but a healthier body as well. Also, improves the appearance of uneven skin tone and helps to restore sun-damaged or hyper pigmented skin.

What are the benefits of Glutathione and Vitamin C? Glutathione and Vitamin C aid in discoloration by regulating melanin levels and prevents oxidative stress that leads to hyperpigmentation and aging. With the constant exposure to airborne pollutants, radiation from electronics, heavy metals from fillings or foods, the glutathione levels in most people are deficient. This is the reason for most disease and illness. Glutathione also acts as a powerful antioxidant and cleanses the liver of chemicals, hormones and pollutants, while Vitamin C works to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and helps to restore sun-damaged or hyper pigmented skin.

Are these supplements good for darker skin tones? Yes! Glutathione and Vitamin C are used for all skin tones and are designed to target the appearance of dark marks and uneven skin tone. They are not designed to bleach the skin.

How often should I take the supplements? Take 2 capsules before meal or as directed by a healthcare professional.

Can I take the supplements while using other topical products? Yes! We encourage taking the Eventone Support Supplements in conjunction with an effective at home skin care regimen to provide full results.

Can I take the supplements while pregnant or nursing? We currently do not recommend taking these supplements while pregnant or nursing. We strongly advise that you consult with your doctor regarding any type of topical products or medications.

Other Product Questions

Why was Urban Skin Rx developed? We were developed by trained/experienced Rachel Roff, a medical aesthetician. At her highly successful medical spa, she noticed that many men and women with darker skin tones had unique skin concerns that the average skin care line was not effectively addressing. Her passion to develop products that work was undeniable, and today, Rachel and her team of melanin experts have a full line of corrective skin care products.

I'm on the acne regimen but my face keeps breaking out, why? Although our high-performance acne treatment products will help to control breakouts, they cannot get inside your body and completely stop breakouts. Remember that acne can be caused by hormonal fluctuations, stress, chronic illness and outside influences such as improper diet, smoking and certain medications.

Since I started the products I’ve been getting more breakouts. Is that normal? Yes, that is normal. Many of our products contain exfoliants such as retinol, glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, etc. These types of ingredients can help create a clearer complexion, unclog pores, and renew skin's texture, but sometimes this heavy exfoliation can cause a "purging phase" initially, where more breakouts occur. In other words, your skin is releasing toxins from underneath the surface and it may get worse before it gets better. This “purging phase” can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks typically.

The products are making my skin dry and flakey; does that mean they are too strong? No not necessarily. Urban Skin Rx products containing retinol or other acids can cause dryness, flaking of the skin, and/or sensitivity/irritation within the first 2-3 weeks. We recommend starting with an application every other night for these types of corrective products. As your skin becomes used to the ingredients you may proceed to nightly use.

Is hydroquinone safe? Yes! There is an abundance of research that shows hydroquinone is safe and effective for lightening dark marks and hyperpigmentation. Hydroquinone works by inhibiting melanin production to correct and lighten dark marks, freckles, melasma and sun damage. When used as recommended and in alternation with other natural skin lightens such as kojic acid and arbutin, hydroquinone is very effective.

Do I need a complete regimen to see results? Not necessarily. It is very possible to see results with just 1-2 products. However, best results are seen when a whole regimen of 4-5 products is used consistently morning and night. This would include a cleanser, a treatment pad/serum, a sunblock, correction cream and a nighttime moisturizer or weekly scrub.

How often should I use a mask? We usually recommend using a face mask at least once a week. However, it can depend on what type of mask it is and what other products you are using at the time. If it is a hydrating or healing mask like our Purifying Pumpkin Pore Mask, we recommend 2-3 times a week for usage. If it is a more exfoliating scrub, we typically recommend 1-2 times a week.

Can I get facial treatments while using the products? Yes you can. Best results are usually seen when combining topical skin care products with facial treatments. Always consult with your physician or medical esthetician first to make sure you are following the proper instructions.

How can I keep my sponges clean? The sponges can be washed with laundry in a washing machine and reused. We recommend washing them with towels and letting them air dry. It is also important to let the sponge air dry after each use and not leave it inside the cleansing jar. We sell additional sponges on our website here.

Ordering and Shipping Information

How do I track my order? Tracking information is sent to the customer’s email that the customer provides on the order. This email is sent once the order ships out. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at: 980-221-1200 or email

How do I redeem gift cards? Once you purchase a gift card from our website, the gift card will be delivered by email with instructions on how to redeem at checkout. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at: 980-221-1200 or email

Do you offer expedited shipping services? Yes we do! Expedited Domestic Orders are shipped via Fedex for next day delivery by 4:30PM and are shipped to address within the United States (not including Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. Territories). Orders must be placed by 1:30PM EST in order to arrive the next business day. Orders placed on Saturday, Sunday or public holidays will be processed on the Monday or the next working business day.

Do you ship overseas? Yes! We currently ship worldwide to over 240 countries. International orders are shipped via FedEx and delivery can take up to 1-2 weeks. Please visit our website here for further information on international shipping.

How do I cancel or change my order? If you wish to cancel your order after you have submitted an order through our website, please contact us ASAP at: 980-221-1200 or email Please note that if you contact us after we have shipped your order; any cancellation will need to follow our return process.

How do I know what is right for my skin? Urban Skin Rx offers safe and effective clinical products that incorporate performance-based ingredients to deliver superior results regardless of the current condition or tone of your skin. It is important that you choose the correct products that best fit your skin type/concerns. We suggest taking our Skin Care Quiz on our website to determine which products are best for your skin type. Also, check out the “Expert Advice” tab located in the top navigation menu and use the “Shop” tab to browse by skin concern and product categories. If you wish to speak to a skin care expert, you may live chat us or contact us at: 980-221-1200 or email

What is the Rx Rewards Program? This is a rewards program from Urban Skin Rx that is designed to reward customers with points that translate into dollar amounts for your online purchases. The more points you earn, the more discounts you can receive. It is our gift to you!

How do I refer a friend with the rewards program? You can refer a friend by clicking the Get $20 pop up on the website or by visiting this page If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at: 980-221-1200 or email

How do I check my rewards points? Log onto our website and click on the Rx Rewards tab located in the main menu. From there you can view the Rx Rewards Dashboard to check points, spend points and earn more rewards!

What is the Auto Ship Program? With Auto Shipment, you will automatically receive your favorite USRX products at the frequency you choose. Select this option and save 20% with every future order of this product. You can change your shipment frequency or cancel anytime on your My Account page. Please note that discount codes or rewards points can not be applied to auto shipment purchases. Click here to read the Auto Ship Program FAQs

How long does shipping and delivery take? All orders are processed within 48-72 hours. Domestic orders are shipped 2 business day Priority USPS. International orders are shipped Fed Ex and can take 1-2 weeks.

I never received my order. What now? We ask that you contact USPS/FEDEX and file a claim with them if they cannot locate your package. Once you file a claim with them, please provide us with the claim number and we will follow up on that for you in 3 business days. Also, please check with neighbors, or if you live in an apartment complex, check with your office or check your PO box. Unfortunately, once the order leaves our warehouse, we no longer have control over delivery of the package. However, we will do our best to help you.

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Return Information

How do I exchange a product? If you wish to exchange a product, we ask that you read our return policy page first for exact details and email us at with the following information: Name, order number, product to be exchanged and reason. After an email is received and is determined eligible for an exchange, the products can be returned for a credit towards another product or exchanged for a different product. Once the returned product is received, the substitute product will be shipped. Please note that if the exchange exceeds the initial retail price, the customer will pay the difference with a valid credit card.

Can I return something I purchased for a refund?  You may return them for a refund within 14 days of the products being received, or, you may exchange your products within 30 days of the product being received. You can find more details on our return policy page.

Contact Information

How do I sign up for the newsletter? Enter your email address in one of the following places: The pop up box when you first visit our website, the newsletter box towards the bottom of the home page, or click on the register tab located in the top right corner of the home page. If you have any difficulty, please contact us at: 980-221-2200 or email

How do I discuss press opportunities with Urban Skin Rx? If you would like to discuss press or marketing opportunities please contact:

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Stephanie Scott

How do I find more information about distributing Urban Skin Rx products? If you are interested in retailing or distribution opportunities, please email and include your name, your company, business opportunity, website and any other useful information.

Who do I contact if I want to make an appointment at your medical spa? If you would like to make an appointment at our medical spa in Charlotte NC, please visit the Urban Skin Solutions website or call 704-971-9191.

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