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Our luxury, professional-strength skincare collection. These high-performance formulas were initially created by Rachel Roff, our founder and medical aesthetician, to use on patients at her medspa during professional treatments. This specific collection from Urban Skin Rx delivers blends of our highest levels of active ingredients formulated to address the most common concerns of diverse skin tones. Pro Strength by Urban Skin Rx is sold exclusively through our website ( and other professional medspas around the world.

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Pro Strength by Urban Skin Rx®

Urban Skin Rx® vs Pro Strength by Urban Skin Rx®

Different. However, both provide excellent results for diverse skin tones.

As a medical spa owner and aesthetician, when I decided to start my own line of skin care products, it was to replace the other professional clinical skin care lines I was carrying, such as PCA SKIN, Image Skincare, COSMEDIX, Obagi and others. I truly liked many products from each of these lines, but I never felt these full lines fit all my customers’ needs. Every time I would complete a patient consultation, I would grab different products from each line and create my own custom skin care regimen for the client. I knew if I created my own line of skin care products, it would need to include some of the same high-end active ingredients that these product lines included, and not weak, cheap ingredients like many of the over-the-counter lines. My clients coming to my medspa needed products that worked because most of them considered themselves to have problematic skin.

At my medical spa, we specialized in multicultural skin tones. I was considered a melanin expert in the industry which meant I was an expert at hyperpigmentation.  Darker skin tones have a higher incidence of becoming scarred and uneven because anytime it is irritated or has inflammation, it creates a dark spot due to it increased melanin production.  And this area of concern was exactly what most of these skin care lines were missing, which was the focus on hyperpigmentation. I was finding amazing serums that needed to be fine-tuned with more added ingredients for uneven skin tone.  I myself have severe melasma which is a form of hyperpigmentation, but I also have dry skin and acne. I realized that I couldn't box hyperpigmentation into one category for my line of skin care products. Some people with hyperpigmentation have dry skin, some have oily skin or sensitive acne prone skin, or other major skin concerns. My clients needed anti-aging skin care products or products that clear acne in conjunction with skin care ingredients that address hyperpigmentation. That is what led to my development of the Clear Tone Advanced Technology formula: a blend of 6 ingredients that target uneven skin tone, and we include that technology in almost 80% of our products.  

rachel founder at urban skin rx

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In 2011 Urban Skin Rx® was officially launched and was differentiated in the market by including my 13+ years of experience in trying different products from different lines on myself and 40,000+ clients.  Previously, I would think to myself “wow this serum is amazing, but if it were mine, I would make it stronger and add retinol or kojic acid.” Urban Skin Rx® is truly about being a professional brand with high-level ingredients.  Our line of skin care products effectively addresses hyperpigmentation while improving other common skin concerns like aging, acne, large pores, etc., and many of these formulas are unfortunately very expensive to make. Our line was developed as a professional clinical skin care line for medspas, and it reflected a more prestige price point. So, when we got an opportunity with Target to sell skin care products at significantly lower prices than our line, we had a huge dilemma on our hands.

How could you not make your skin care products available at Target? Everyone I know shops there. We like to call it Target (with a French accent), because it seems so prestigious when you're there. Plus, Target is a leader in inclusivity; I love their focus on multicultural beauty and just as our products were focused on inclusivity to all skin tones, we also wanted to be inclusive to every consumer, not just those that could afford a prestige price point. So, I had to come up with a strategy to make it work for our prestige priced brand to be offered at mass. We decided some of our products which lasted 3+ months could be sold in a smaller size at a lower price just for stores. We started with our award-winning cleansing bars in a new 2 oz size for under $15 while our original 3.7 oz size was $24 which we continued to sell online.

We sold really well at Target, so they wanted more products to fit the needs of our clients that were coming to their store to shop. The smaller size at a lower price worked for some products like our pumpkin mask, but many other products in our line were still too expensive to offer at the price mass retailers wanted, such as under $25. That’s what led us to rebrand some of our products as PRO Strength by Urban Skin Rx®. Some of our long-time popular formulas like the Super C Brightening Serum and Even Tone Night Treatment are just impossible to make at a price point under $25, even in a half-size. We needed to rebrand because consumers were asking us questions like why are some of your products online so much more expensive than what we are seeing in stores. Both lines of skin care products are amazing, but for the products we are putting in retail they are either smaller sizes or some are different formulas from what you see in our PRO Strength Line. For example, the Super C Brightening serum is offered in our PRO Strength line for $58 for 1 oz and is a 20% ascorbic acid formula while our Even Tone Super Glow Vitamin C Serum is offered at some retailers for under $25 for a .5oz size and is a 10% ascorbic acid formula. 

woman applying super c serum

So, there you have the history of Urban Skin Rx® vs. PRO Strength by Urban Skin Rx®. I clearly developed the brand as a prestige, high-priced brand but figured out a strategy to make it affordable and more accessible for everyone, in being a brand that is all about inclusivity; it really feels right. You can be assured that everything we put out to market in either line will deliver results; however, some formulas can provide amazing results at more affordable prices, and then there are some of our long-time formulas that we could never take away from the clients that love them and have used them for years.  Plus, we plan to add to both skin care lines in the future.  For example, we want to make more tools and at-home chemical peel pads for the Pro Strength line, similar to things we offer at my medical spa Urban Skin Solutions in Charlotte, NC. So, stay tuned for the growth and advancement of Urban Skin Rx® in retailers like Target, Ulta and CVS as well as our PRO Strength by Urban Skin Rx® line.