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”Sleeping on your back prevents premature aging and wrinkles.”

- Medical Aesthetician and Formulator Rachel Roff

The Acne and Dark Spot Control Package is ideal for oily, shiny, breakout prone skin with dark marks. Other skin concerns ideal for this package are enlarged or clogged pores, blackheads, whiteheads or being easily irritated by heavy, pore-clogging ingredients. This 60-90 supply includes:
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Acne Control Package
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The Ageless Glow Package is ideal for skin that is struggling with signs of aging, dullness or dehydration. This effective regimen will replenish your youthful glow and hydration that the skin is lacking while also improving the appearance of blemishes, fine lines and dark marks. This 90 day supply includes:
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Beauty Boss Best Sellers
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Bright & Glowy Medspa in a Box
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The Dark Spot and Even Tone Essentials Package is a powerhouse regimen targeted specifically for skin that suffers from dark marks, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone left from acne, injuries to the skin, sun damage, melasma, birth control and/or ingrown hairs. It transforms the skin to dramatically reveal a smoother and brighter texture. This 90 day supply includes:
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The Dry Skin Blemish Control Package is perfect for anyone who suffers from dry skin, dark marks, anti-aging and blemishes. Fade the appearance of dark marks and fine lines without dehydrating your skin or clogging pores.Even your skin tone and achieve a radiant complexion!
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The Flawless Complexion Signature Package is the Urban Skin Rx signature treatment regimen that fights blemishes and fades the appearance of dark marks! Start your journey today to an even brighter, smoother and more flawless complexion. This 60-90 day supply includes:
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Say goodbye to rough, bumpy skin! The Ingrown Hair Control and Smooth Package is the ideal regimen for anyone who suffers from ingrown hairs and the dark marks they leave behind. Natural acids such as Glycolic, Lactic and Salicylic help to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hairs for smoother, flawless skin. Also helps reduce redness and inflammation from existing ingrown hairs. Great for use on the face and the body! This 60-90 supply includes:
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Oil and Dark Spot Control Package
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You want it ALL! Blemish free skin, an even skin tone and a radiant complexion, right? Then this is the package for you! The Ultimate Best Sellers Package is a powerful skin care regimen for flawless skin. When your friends comment that your skin is amazing, don't be shy and tell them about your pretty little secret- Urban Skin Rx! This 90 day supply includes:
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“Sure my life isn’t perfect, but my skincare is”
- Veronika Amand, Client



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