Our luxury, professional-strength skincare collection. These high-performance formulas were initially created by Rachel Roff, our founder and medical aesthetician, to use on patients at her medspa during professional treatments. This specific collection from Urban Skin Rx delivers blends of our highest levels of active ingredients formulated to address the most common concerns of diverse skin tones. Pro Strength by Urban Skin Rx is sold exclusively through our website (www.urbanskinrx.com) and other professional medspas around the world.

Clinical skincare for diverse skin tones

Dryness / Eczema

Get expert advice on Dryness / Eczema from founder and expert licensed aesthetician Rachel Roff.

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HydraBalance Brightening Moisture Infusion
Pro Strength

$ 12.00 - $ 34.00

$ 15.00 - $ 24.00

Hydrafirm + Brightening Serum | Urban Skin Rx
Pro Strength

$ 23.00 - $ 58.00

Hydranutrient Radiance Restore Oil
Pro Strength

$ 14.00 - $ 36.00

Hydrating Lip Treatment - Hydrate and Renew! | Urban Skin Rx
Pro Strength

$ 16.00

Mega Moisture Illuminating Night Cream
Pro Strength

$ 36.00

$ 207.00 Sale price $ 169.00

Pro Strength™ Dry Skin Blemish Package
Pro Strength

$ 198.00 Sale price $ 139.00

Dryness / Eczema q+a

What Causes skin to be dry?
Skin can be dry and appear dry because of 2 reasons. Dehydration and/or not exfoliating dead surface skin cells. The dehydration can be caused by not using topical products to hydrate the skin, being in a dry climate, and not drinking enough water. Also, as mentioned, not exfoliating your skin can cause the accumulation of dry, dead, dull skin.
Can you have dry skin and acne?
Yes! In fact, I suffer from dry skin and acne. It is a myth that all people with acne have oily skin. Often if your skin tends to not exfoliate dead skin at the proper rate, you will accumulate dead skin on the surface which can lead to clogged pores and acne.
Does dry skin age faster?
Yes, unfortunately this is true. I constantly remind many of my clients that are unhappy with their oily skin, that oily skin doesn’t age at the rate that dry skin does. Dry skin tends to prematurely develop fines lines and wrinkles.
What ingredients are best for dry skin?
My favorite ingredients for dry skin are lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, coconut oil, and resorcinol. Lactic acid is an amazing ingredient because it exfoliates dead skin while improving the feel of the skin’s natural moisture. Hyaluronic acid which is found in our Hydrafirm Serum, attracts moisture to the skin cells resulting in a more hydrated and healthy appearance to the skin. Resorcinol exfoliates dead skin that appears dry and dull. Our amazing Combination Skin Cleansing Bar combines Resorcinol with moisturizing ingredients like glycerin and coconut oil for the ultimate exfoliating and hydrating product for dry, dull skin.

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