Fantasia the next ‘Idol’ Judge?

Fantasia Idol Judge

Watch Urban Skin Rx TV Commercial featuring Fantasia


“I use Urban Skin Rx products because they work.

Plain and simple!”

“I love that Rachel designed a skin care
regimen just for me—
and she will for you too! It’s easy to follow, and ideal for my hectic touring and recording schedule. I especially love the non-drying Clear Complexion Bar. It leaves my skin feeling super clean and soft and helps keep my skin blemish-free. And, I would never go a day without using Glysal Daily Treatment pads which I know take the blemish- fighting a step further. Oh! and I’m hooked on the Clarifying Brightening Polish. I use this once a week to help me get my glow on! Urban Skin Rx products rock! Actually, they Got Soul, baby!

Grammy Winning Performing Artist, Actress


Fantasia’s Personalized Urban Skin Rx Regimen


Clear Complexion Bar
GlySal Daily Treatment Pads
LiteShield SPF 30


Clear Complexion Bar
Vital C Gel
Alternate with Retinol Pads
HydraBalance Lotion


WEEKLY Clarifying and Brightening Polish
Clear and Smooth Pads

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